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Milling Services

Smilden milling services

The Best Quality for high-end denture by 5 Axis milling processes

By means of DMG ULTRASONIC technology which offers unique machining possibilities combines dynamics , precision, compactness, versatility and intelligence. Smilden has great facility to be capable to offer an unbeatable productivity and quality to satisfy all clinical challenges. The flexibility of Smilden milling center is revealed not only in the wide range of materials. You will be also benefited from the fact that any shape of dental prosthesis can be produced precisely because the integrated NC swivel rotary table of the DMG 5 Axis simultaneous machining allows the machining of complex geometries.

All applications, All materials
5-Axis machining of all dental applications in all materials.

Complex geometries are very common in dental applications and material choices.
The ULTRASONIC 20 Liner brings Smilden to be able to running milling process
precisely with pure titanium, pre-sintered zircon for the
production of occlusal screwed implant-supported
bridges. This product has awakened great interest in
America and Europe dentists in particular.
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