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Quality Assurance

Quality Policy
Smilden is committed to providing customers with the best quality for every cases. Quality and Reliability services lead the partnership between customers and the entire Smilden team to achieve "Quality on demand". The goal of quality on demand is to fulfill customers's needs to fit satisfcation for every end-patients.

Materials & Processes Reliability
We guarantee all the materials been used are compliant with FDA, CE certificates and its official supplying without any unclear sources and processes to preclude any risks on patients.

Quality Management System
Smilden's quality management system is constructed through core processes to support its business strategies and assure customer satisfaction.

Technology Development
Smilden strives to provide customers highest quality products for
the best satisfaction of patients, and has built comprehensive
quality and reliability control systems and programs into our
dental development center. Each new process and
technology, beginning in its development stage, passes
a rigorous qualification procedure, based its highest
standards, before it is transferred to laboratory for

Rework Policy
The cost for fabricating custom made dental restoration and appliances cannot be refunded, but it is allowed to be reworked or remade for free except for the following circumstances:
1. Modifing the margin, die or impression after case completion or delivery.
2. Any design or instruction changes after Rx form submit.
3. The teeth are re-prepared.
4. There is a shade or product change that is different from the original request.
5. The partial fits the master cast.
6. When there is a perfect fit on the model.
7. If original prostheses is not returned the full amount will be charged.
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