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5-Axis Milling Machine

Smildenbio 5-Axis Milling Machine

A revolution in dentistry
the open system is the technology of the furue

The dental technology market is currently in the throes of a revolution. There is a dramatically rising tendency to replace manual jobs in the manufacture of dental prostheses with automated processes. Smilden recognized this market trend very early on and has responded to it to cooperate with SAUER GmbH (DMG Group) for a real open system integration in dental applications.

Not only is the industral manufacture of dental prostheses more
cost-effective, CNC machining also represents a degress of
precision that is practically unattainable with traditional methods.
Digital dental models and ultra 5-Axis milling machines allow
ponpoint precision and open up an almost infinite array of
possibilities for dental users. The patient can be absolutely sure at the end of the day that
his/her personal dental prosthesis fits perfectly.

Industrial standard indental technology

Linear drives with > 2g


Positioning and contour accuracy of < 5 μm

Surface quality
Surface quality:

Top roughness values of ra < 0.2 μm

Spindle rotational speed
Spindle rotational speed:

Actively cooled HSC spin-dles with up to 42,000 rpm


Thermo-symmetri-cal portal design with long-term stability

Technology integration through HSK-32 actuator system
HSC and ULTRASONIC milling on one machine
* Traverse paths in X / Y / Z: 200 / 200 / 280 mm
* 42.000 1/min. in the standard (HSK 32 / HSK 40)
* Highest dynamics through linear drives in the X / Y / Z axis with > 2 g acceleration
* 5-axis gantry machine with an integrated swivel rotary table
* Precision cooling in all axes
* Tool changer with 24 tools in the standard (Optional: 60 tools)
* Siemens 840 solutionline with easySONIC-Control, ADC (Adaptive Control) and ACC (Acoustic) Control

State-of-the-art CNC technology for the dentistry
the SINUMERIK 840D solutionline from Siemens

The production of dental bridges and crowns or implants demands the hihest level of precision and process reliability. Dentists also want maximum flexibility while at the same time the process chain is being subjected to enormous cost pressure. In order to reconcile these partially conflicting requirements the branch is making increased use of industrial standards, from CAD to CAM and on to CNC controlled high-tech machines such as ULTRASONIC 20 Liner.
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