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D810 3D Scanner

D810 3D Scanner

D810 3D Scanner

Combining accuracy and speed with Multi-Die Scanning capabilities

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Texture Scanning, 5 megapixels & Multi Die technology

The 3Shape D810 Dental Scanner takes labs to whole new productivity levels with high speed scanning, and ultra-efficient batch and multi-case processing capabilities. With its new and unique Texture Scanning feature plus 5.0 megapixel cameras, 3Shape's D810 scanners wield the market's most advanced 3D scanning technologies.

Implant bridge and bar accuracy

3D scanning in connection with designing implant bridges and bars requires very high accuracy. 3Shape's D800 series scanners are among the few that can deliver reilable data for these indications.

The 5.0 megapixel cameras enable perfect 3D data capture of both implant positions and implant orientations to ensure a perfect tension-free fit of the produced bridge or bar when seated.

Capture complete textures and pencil markings

Utilizing its 5.0 megapixel cameras, the high-end D800 scanners support unique Texture Scanning capabilities. Texture Scanning provides enhanced visualization of surface details and allows technicians to capture hand-drawn design guidance markings made directly on the model and transfer these into the digital design.

Scanning the market's most extensive range of dental indications

  • Antagonist model, Pre-preparation
  • Impression scanning (Add-on Module)
  • Model builder for impression and intraoral scans (Add-on Module)
  • Single coping
  • Bridge framework
  • Anatomical copings and framework
  • Full anatomical crown
  • Full anatomical bridge
  • Single wax up/ Wax up bridge
  • Inlay / Onlay / Inlay bridge
  • Veneers
  • Over-press crowns and bridges
  • Post & core
  • Telescope
  • Customized abutments (Add-on Module)
  • Implant bars and bridges
  • Removable partial design (Add-on Module)
  • Orthodontics module (Add-on Module)
  • Multi-Die scanning

Scan Indication Fixtures

3Shape has designed special accessories for your scanners to ensure fast, problem-free, and precise scans with high quality digital data for even the most complex indication types.

The impression fixture - enables automatic alignment of upper and lower when scanning triple-tray impressions. The impression is fixed in a permenant position in the flippable holder. The scanner and software can recreate the precise upper and lower relationship in the digital model.

The wax-up fixture - enables scanning of wax-ups and bits from all angles and sides. The wax-up is suspended in wires that will be invisible in the scan result.

Two-cast fixture - enables users to firmly set 2 models, fixture_3.jpgpreparation and antagonist, in occlusion so they do not move during scanning. The Two-cast fixture functions like a clamp making it easy to set while holding the models in occlusion.

3Shape's unique 2-camera and 3-axis motion system

2 cameras with reduced angle enable impressions, deep inlays, and full undercuts to be scanned effectively.

The 3-axis motion system allows the dental object to be tilted, rotated, and translated facilitating scanning from any viewpoint enabling scanning of more than 350 degrees of a sphere.

Scan parameters are automatically adjusted to the object's material for accurate color capture.

Scan time (Final 3D model) Single die: 25 sec (30 sec), Full model: 60 sec (75 sec)
Resolution 2 cameras, 5.0 Mega Pixels
Accuracy Ultra high accuracy: < 15 Microns
Material color Material color independent
Scan indications Market's most extensive range.
Dimensions (W x H x D) 37 x 29 x 33cm (14" x 11" x 13")
Texture Scanning technology High detail detection and capture of hand-drawn markings on model
Multi-Die Scanning Scan batches for single or multi-case processing

Adaptive Impression Scanning

Jumpstart the digital design process

Impression scanning, including intra oral, is storming ahead in today's dental arena and represents a technology that must be considered when investing in a new scanner. Gypsym-only scanners may not represent the most future-secure choice. 3Shape's 3D scanners can scan both gypsym models and impressions with fast adaptive impression scanning, at times below 2 minutes.

Impression scanning reduces turnaround time

Direct scanning of silicone and alginate impressions enables labs to start CAD design immediately and manufacture model, coping and crown in parallel.

Enhancing accuracy with direct scanning of impressions

Impression scanning eliminates inaccuracies that can occur when producing a plaster model from a physical impression.

Impression scan to virtual model

Turn the impression scan to a virtual model by applying tools for articulation, trimming of scan, base creation, sectioning of preparations (preserving gingiva), and articulator interface.

3Shape - leading impression scanning technologies

3Shape's patented adaptive scanning technology, combined with the scanner's 3-axis motion and 2 cameras with reduced angle facilitate the unique impression scanning capability. Adaptive scanning intelligently detects incomplete areas and automatically builds adaptive scan sequences for capturing full object geometry.

Before Adaptive Scanning
The first scan result is incomplete in the preparation, proximal and contact areas, which will jeopardize fit and clinical performance.

After Adaptive Scanning
A complete and high accuracy scan after adaptive scanning of incomplete areas automatically applying the optimal combination of 2 cameras and 3-axis motion.


3Shape Impression scanning is an add-on module for the D700, D710, D800, D810 3D Dental scanners.

Texture scanning with coping and framework design

Bring your hand-drawn margin line into 3D. The D800/D810 scanner's unique Texture Scanning will accurately capture a hand-drawn margin line that you penciled directly on the physical model. The software automatically detects and translates the handdrawn line into the 3D margin line for the coping. The margin line can be fine-adjusted for perfect positioning in just a few clicks.

Texture scanning with Removable Partial Design

Scan your pencil markings on the model for semiautomatic design creation. Combine your artistic technician skills with the digital process and jumpstart the design workflow. Texture Scanning on the D800/D810 scanners enables technicians to capture their hand-drawn framework position markings made directly on the physical model. The software semi-automatically detects and translates the lines in 3D to jumpstart modeling of complete partial structure and clasps.

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